WEI Liqun

Prof . Wei Liqun, born in December 1944, majored in history at Beijing Normal University from September 1963 to November 1968. He was a former Secretary of the Communist Party of china Committee and Executive Vice President of Chinese Academy of Governance. In February 2012, he was appointed as a Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Member and Deputy Director of Committee for Learning and Historical & Cultural Data.

Prof . Wei had worked in comprehensive department of the Party Central Committee and State Council for 30 years, participating in drafting of a number of significant documents of the Party Central Committee and State Council and speeches for leaders of the Party Central Committee and State Council. He also helped drafting  the Government Work Report for Premier of the State Council to give at the National People’s Congress from 1999 to 2008 and other documents having great influence on promotion of reform and opening-up and economic development of China. Furthermore, in the research on important theoretical issues and decision-making consultation concerning reform, opening-up and construction of modernization, Prof. Wei has achieved many research and consulting results of great value and influence, provided important bases for the Party Central Committee and State Council to make decisions, and made significant contributions to the study and promotion of theoretical and practical innovation with Chinese Characteristics.

Prof. Wei was also a member of the 16th and 17th Central Committee of China Communist Party.

Prof. Wei was hired as a professor and doctoral tutor by Renmin University of China in 1993; and then as a doctoral supervisor of Beijing Normal University in 2007. In May 2008, Prof. Wei became Director of Academic Board of Chinese Academy of Governance.

Major Research Fields

?  Theory and policy of national economy and social development

?  Theory and policy of reform on economic and administrative systems

Concurrent Posts

?  Member of leading group for National Social Science Fund and director of its Applied Economics Group

?  Member of the Consultative Committee for  the project of Marxism Theoretical Research and development President of China’s Administrative System Reform Research Association

?  Executive Vice President of China Center for International Economic Exchanges

?  Vice President of China Society of Macroeconomics

?  Vice Chairman of International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration

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