The Third Global Think Tank Summit


Sub-forum I: Trends and Recovery of the Global Economy


I Event Details

Organizer: China Center for International Economic Exchanges (CCIEE)

Co-organizer: CAIJING Magazine

Date: Saturday, June 29, 2013
Time: 14:30-17:40

VenueChina World Hotel, No. 1 Jianguomenwai Avenue, Beijing, China


II Agenda

14:00-14:30  Registration 

14:30-16:00  Panel Discussion

Driving forces for growth amidst the global changes


Given the anemic recovery of developed economies and a slowdown in growth in major emerging markets, the recovery of the global economy remains uneven. In a new era where challenges and opportunities coexist, where could we find the new growth poles of the world economy? How could we effectively advise the government on the direction, scope and pace of its macroeconomic regulation and control? In the midst of global waves of shift in manufacturing footprint, where could we find new hot spots for the next round of investment? Could we leverage capital strength to achieve breakthroughs?


The world’s new economic landscape calls for unleashing potentials in the new growth drivers and the identification of new stimulus to proactively respond to the constraints that the global fiscal rebalancing has caused the economic recovery. Against such a backdrop, issues such as economic transformation and inclusive growth have been put on the agenda of the summit.



Panelists (To be invited)

Jessica T. MATHEWS, President, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Foundation

Marc Uzan, Executive Director and Founder, the Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee

Hanns Guenther Hilpert, Research Associate, German Institute for

International Politics and Security Affairs

JIN Liqun, Chairman, Supervisory Board, China Investment Corporation

ZHANG Yansheng, Secretary -general, Academic Committee, NDRC

ZHENG Yongnian, Director, East Asian Institute, National University of Singapore


16:00-16:10  Tea Break

16:10-17:40  Panel Discussion

Opportunities and risks facing emerging economies in transition


With the deepening of globalization, resources have been utilized fully and reintegrated and emerging economies become the new engine for global economic growth in the process. According to IMF forecast, emerging economies are set to, for the first time ever surpass developed economies in total output in 2013, implying that structural changes will take place in the international system. Emerging economies’ cluster growth model reflects a long-term trend of the world economy.


However, due to the profound impact of the financial crisis and a number of intertwined internal and external uncertainties, emerging economies are also faced with risks of restructuring. Will emerging economies be able to drive new changes in the global economy? How could we effectively seize investment opportunities in emerging markets? How should we analyze potential opportunities and challenges brought about by the global M&A market? How could international financial instruments be utilized for extensive cooperation?


                                  Panelists (To be invited)

Pascal Lamy, Former Director-General, the World Trade Organization

Steve ORLINS, President, National Committee on US-China Relations

Andrew Polk, Resident Economist, Conference Board China Center for Economics and Business

Natalia I. IVANOVA, Director, Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO)

Mohammed Saqib, Secretary General, India China Economic and Cultural Council

Kenji Yumoto, Vice Chairman, Japan Research Institute

ZHANG Hongli, Vice President, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

FAN Gang, Vice President, China Society of Economic Reform & President, National Economic Research Institute

Zheng Xinli, Permanent Vice Chairman, CCIEE

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